American University Lyrics


The president spoke of real peace
And got marked out
Caring for the enemy
Can’t be what we’re about

The generals called it treason
Betrayal from the inside
He put the art of reason
Over national pride

At the American University
Where now the truth ain’t told
It’s an Orwellian conspiracy
How the lies are sold
From the classroom to the TV
For both the young and old
It’s the American University
Where PR’s the mold

The gist of his admission
Too righteous to ignore
How dare a politician
Try to put an end to war

They had to cease the day
Make his silence permanent
Cos his words, they paved a way
To nuclear disarmament

In our great nation
Of exploitation
Public Relations
No inspiration
Or innovation
Just capitulation
To the corporations



Masters of deception
From the agency’s inception
Preserve a vile disparity
Void of responsibility

No crime is too dire
Nor death toll too giant
As long as we supply her

Dirty business

Piles of skulls and bones
Buried under little thrones
Of all the monsters we create
Future enemies of state

You think power is elected
That we keep you protected
But we’re the standard-bearer
The real harbingers of terror

Just stay out of the way
Of our corporate masters’ payday
Or join the many who have died
We’ll make it look like suicide

A Manchurian candidate’s
Our preferred way to assassinate
But this had not yet come to be
In November of 1963



Consummate liar
Perfect for the job
Blackmail and murder
Took him to the top

Stolen elections
Ballot box of dead names
Betrayed affections
Knew how to play the game

Dominate, manipulate
Bend you to his will
No little sister, head of state
Outta bounds to kill

Mister Megalomaniac
Bastard of the first degree
Executive surprise attack
Scorched earth legacy
We never asked the question
Who had the most to gain?
Release the deathbed confession
Truth is public domain

Said there’s no success
First without a crime
Took it to excess
Did the worst of all time

Forced his selection
Threatened to expose
To fulfill the projection
Anything goes

Mister Megalomaniac
Salivating in the wings
Executive surprise attack
Was he the one who pulled the strings?
We never asked the question
Who had the most to gain?
Release the deathbed confession
Truth is public domain



Penetrated lines of a criminal cabal
Intention was to stop it from the start
Discovered they were gonna make him take the fall
Did what he could to tear it all apart

As they laid a trail to frame our gallant non-assassin
He began to leave his own to map the truth
House of mirrors, planted figments of a patsy
They never thought he’d be so damned astute

Not your whipping boy
No cynical communist plotter
Of your fascist ploy
We’re all lambs to the slaughter

Lone wolf in the doorway
There in plain sight
One less shooter, there to portray
Truth against might
At the top of the stairway
For this he gave his life
Tell the story if you dare say
Of a hero’s plight

Made a call to the feds about a northern plot
Bought democracy some extra days of life
Learned the hard way, the scheme went all the way to the top
Only played along to spare his kids and wife

The day our noble leader’s life was cut short
He had a few more tricks left up his sleeve
Joined up with a team, a mission to abort
But they couldn’t stop the wheel of treachery

Tell the story if you dare say
Finish the fight



Hot, wild motorcade ride
Desert sun burning strong in their eyes
From Love Field all the way into town
Secret Service told to stand down

The roses were yellow in Texas that day
But in Dallas they gave her a crimson bouquet
Til the end of her life, the image was frozen
A limo seat covered with

Blood and red roses

People pushing close to admire
Thought she heard a cycle backfire
Expression on his face was so neat
An “X” now marks the spot in the street

All the roses were yellow in Texas that day
But in Dallas they gave her a crimson bouquet
For the rest of her life, the image was frozen
A limo seat covered with

Blood and red roses
He slumped into her lap
They’d driven into a trap
Slowed down to be sure he’s dead
While they took aim at his head

99 minutes after this offense most profane
Our beloved L.B. Judas was sworn in on the plane
Shoulda kept the blood on!
She said “I shoulda kept the blood on!”

Blood and red roses
As she professed her love
To her fallen dove
Held down his broken skin
To keep his brain in

After the Bay it began
They started work on a plan
Like the turn of a screw
‘Twas an American coup



Snapshot, baby
Patsy on the stairs
With a thumb-tugged “V” and
Cut and paste hair

Don’t need no Commission
See the juxtaposition
Assassination lies
Right in front of your eyes

Put it all in a frame
Show us who’s to blame

Blow it up, blow it up
Black, white and gray
Well they all made the cut
But where’s LBJ?

No need for ballistics
Or analyzed acoustics
We’ve got the master key
To prove conspiracy

Solve the mystery for me
Tell the real story

When the shots rang out in Dallas
Much aforethought and malice
Fed this dreadful fixture
What is wrong with this picture?



They were lovers on a mission
He held power, she the vision
They put war into remission
As they headed for collision

No cabinet member wiser
Was his number one advisor
Saw through the power lies
Her total love opened his eyes

Her name was Mary Meyer
Don’t let history pass by her
She was a vital ball of fire
When the need for peace was dire

Their love, although kept silent
Hotter flames seldom ignited
By the gun they were divided
By the gun then reunited

They delivered us from evil
Stopped a nuclear upheaval
This ban of truth should be illegal
Remember “We the People”

Her name was Mary Meyer
Don’t let the company deny her
Was a burning live wire
Aimed at those who did conspire



He was his brother’s avenger
Dark crusader
Just prince
Punished those who hurt the people he loved

Moved like a messiah
Petite protector
No fear
Fought ‘em hard but it just wasn’t enough

A band of brothers
Of a New Frontier
Waged peace
With a conviction normally saved for war

Fought the chiefs, and spooks’
Cold War fever
Back channel
His message likely saved the orb

The world is not the real world
We can’t go on
The world is not the real world
We must go on

He was told with pleasure
His brother was dead
Life became his own apocalypse

Sun knocked outta the sky
Seized with horror
Pursued justice
The only way to come to grips

Took it to the people
Missionary campaign
Tempted fate
Every day a game of Russian Roulette

They tore at his clothes
Pulled the shoes from his feet
After so much war and death they wanted hope again

Do what you’re afraid to do

Stripped of power
Killers still at large
To solve the crime he had to win the race

At the victory party
Hit the pantry floor
In a pool of blood
Sweet acceptance written on his face

He formed his last words
His brother’s name
Not again!
Revulsion spread throughout the room

He’d kept hope alive
But now the dream was gone
Stopped dead
The true curse is America’s doom



It’s a repulsive black hole
What we’ve un-done to our soul

Before you say the words
There’s a void
That contradicts them

It’s never far away
A bloody vacuum

Talk about it
If you dare
No one will listen

Think about it’ll
Suck you in
To the abyss

It’s a repulsive black hole
What we’ve un-done to our soul
Such atrocities
Of immorality

In the name of security
Will go unmentioned

Willfully blind
Turn away
There’s no dissension

Chickens come home to roost

When just a leader stands up
It’s presidentially

How they assumed control
From the grassy knoll
All this death in our name
We’ve only us to blame



My last, the summer of ‘63
Workin’ down in New Orleans
Spoke Russian to you in the PO line
Lucky it was to you that I was assigned

I’m sorry I couldn’t make it out
I learned too late of the truth about
How I was nothing to them but a sap
They got me good in that basement trap

But the reason why I’m singing this song
Is to thank you, honey, for being so strong
Standing up so tall to the powers that be
Who would have ‘em all believe it was me

You sacrificed the love of your own
Such humanity we’ve hardly known
You gave my darling babies the truth
We deeply owe you our gratitude

At some point things became upturned
I knew in the end that I’d be burned
Blamed for crimes I didn’t commit
But I knew I was in too deep to quit

I told the truth in every way
Had I a fair trial, my judgment day
Would have been the one that set me free
The spark that began to heal the country

You sacrificed the love of your own
Such humanity we’ve hardly known
You gave our highly-deceived world the truth
We deeply owe you our gratitude

To take a step back from my personal story
Let’s remind ourselves who deserves the real glory
The man who saved the world and paid
With his life, The Preserver, our JFK

The life he gave was a privileged one
Of wealth and power, of laughter and love
The ultimate war of the world subdued
For this we owe him our gratitude