New Album ‘American University’ Announced on Peter B. Collins Show

I became a bit obsessed with “politics” after 9/11 and the Iraq War started. The Bush Administration horrified me, and I didn’t dream for years, until Obama was elected. My sleep was black. I really was afraid Bush and Cheney would hold onto power beyond their eight years.

Then when Obama kept up most of the same policies, I realized that it doesn’t matter who is president. I began searching for answers, and I found many by listening to Peter B. Collins’ podcasts. Back then it was called Boiling Frogs, with Sibel Edmonds. But one of the first interviews I heard was with Russ Baker, who had written a book on the Bush family called Family of Secrets.

Russ had been curious about an interview “Poppy” Bush gave where he said he couldn’t remember where he was when he learned that JFK was killed. That led Russ to a whole lotta truth, and that interview, in turn, led me to years of reading, and eventually recording a concept album about the assassination called American University.

It’s only fitting that Peter B. Collins conducted the first interview with me about the record, and is giving away copies to annual subscribers while supplies last. Check out the show. It’s the best progressive news you will find.