Cover Me Turns 10!

Today was a big day for the 25 artists featured on the new Cover Me Turns 10 album. The fact that the site got 25 artists to turn in their songs on time is pretty amazing. I’ve been asked to participate in previous covers albums that never came out, I imagine because the other bands flaked.

The concept was that we each do a “cover of a cover.” That is, a song that was a hit more than once, and the second time had to be a cover version. It’s a lot of free music. My favorite so far is the “Black Magic Woman” cover by The Majorleans.

I chose “Mony Mony,” because I was excited to do something with my friend Myra Washington, and I felt it would be a good one for us. I love what she did better than the Billy Idol version, although we copped the vocal arrangement almost note for note.

She improvised the verse parts, and they really make the song in my opinion.

This is the third time Myra and I have worked together, and she is always amazing. Check out her new video. It’s the most catchy thing I’ve heard in a long time.

Jeff Moscone started it all off with his blistering drum track. He then let me scream and yell in his studio for a couple hours to do the vocals because I was too freaked out to sing like that in my apartment. I’m pretty sure I would have held back, and that was the last thing this song needed.

Jeff and I are finishing up an album of original material, and have been working together for three years now, both live and in the studio. He is the one who convinced me to choose this song. I had another one in mind and he politely talked me out of it with some sort of magic drummer “Jedi mind-trick.” It was the right decision.

My friend Michael Wallace played bass and mixed/mastered. The best thing about making music is collaborating with friends.

Thanks to site founder Ray Padgett for including me. If you love covers, check out CoverMeSongs. And you can get Ray’s book about covers on Amazon here.

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