Red Flag Songs

1. “Vampire”
A catchy, mid-tempo, pop-punk warning about the existence of a “shadow government,” and how only truth can set us free.

2. “Animal Control”
An AC/DC meets Tom Petty-inspired up-tempo rocker about how we are kept in line with propaganda and lies.

3. Honeypot
Elvis Costello meets The Sweet in this groovy, toungue-in-cheek retro-pop piece of rock candy about a female spy being used to control a politician.

4. Children of the Sand
A melodic up-tempo anti-war song about how the chickens always eventually come home to roost.

5. Serenity
With a haunting, southern-rock flavor, this brooding groove in 6/8 time is the story of the darkest, most unspeakable aspects of 9/11.

6. “Societal Suicide”
A melodic, modern “power ballad” about how our obsessive, cult-like pursuit of the dollar is doing us in.

7. Black Site
In this bluesy blend of Fleetwood Mac, T. Rex and The Rolling Stones-influenced rock, an innocent CIA rendition victim tells his story of being tortured for years in what could be Guantanamo Bay.

8. Flight to Nowhere
A funky, Chili Peppers feel with some Tom Petty/Heartbreakers elements. The story of a 9/11 widow with a touch of social commentary.

9. Austerity
This Stonesy ballad is from the perspective of the “1 Percent,” admitting to its destruction of the American Dream.

10. Poison-Kindled Tears
Classic AC/DC / Aerosmith inform this protest song about how the American President supports dissent in countries where we want regime change, while here in America it is crushed.