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Released via the independent Bull Lee Records label, “Red Flag”’s classic rock foundation and punk attitude are complemented by a cast of seasoned pros, including bassist Hector Ferreiro (Charlotte Martin, The Frequency), pianist Phil Aiken (Buffalo Tom, James Taylor, Juliana Hatfield, Eddie Vedder) with harmonies by vocal powerhouse, Myra Washington (a featured back-up vocalist on Simon Cowell’s “X-Factor”). Layers of vintage guitars and vocal harmonies raise “Red Flag” to place all its own. The album’s classic roots are given a modern, cutting-edge treatment by Eric “Mixerman” Sarafin (The Pharcyde, Ben Harper, Foreigner, Hillary Duff, Amy Grant). As well as being an in-demand producer, engineer and mixer, Sarafin is renowned for his authorship of “The Daily Adventures of Mixerman,” a bestselling, satirical excoriation of the corporate music industry. “Red Flag” is exactly what the title purports it to be – a wake-up call – that the chickens have indeed “come home to roost”, the constitution is under attack from within, this is not the America we learned about in school and we’d better wake up ASAP if we expect life to continue much longer on our beloved Planet Earth. So click the order button below and get instant access to the latest John Dissed album, “Red Flag,” as well as “The Shooter EP.”

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