#Unspeakable: The Music Video

Being a musician in the post-MTV world, it’s always nice to have director friends. It works both ways I guess, but today it worked in my favor when I was texted the link to my new music video by my good friend, writer-director-novelist-songwriter-bass player — and I’m sure I’m leaving something out — BC Furtney.

BC and I have been friends since 2001, when we slung video tapes for the man at a low-rent, porn infested post production facility in West L.A. We almost came to blows there more than once, and it’s probably a good thing we both got fired because there’s no better way to ruin a friendship than to be exploited side-by-side by a dumb, corrupt piece of shit who is the only thing keeping you from moving into a tent under an overpass.

Over the years, we collaborated on several of BC’s films, music videos for artists I helped write for and produce, and had a band called Bull Lee for about seven years. Funny that in all those years we never made a Bull Lee video, even though our bass player was a film director. For some reason he thought it was more rock and roll not to have a video. He’s probably right, but he is so damned good, I felt like it was working against us to take that stand.

Anyway, he more than made up for it today, as this new video is currently my favorite thing we’ve ever done.

In 2012 I started researching what would end up becoming my new American University album by reading book after book on the JFK assassination. At the end of that year, I flew out to Dallas where BC and his wife Jenn were living at the time, and we checked out the 6th Floor Museum. As Russ Baker — whose book Family of Secrets got me started on this journey — often says, the museum is definitely “part of the coverup.”

The craziest part of this story is that BC ended up working at the museum. He literally had Lee Harvey Oswald’s old job! So, it made perfect sense that when I needed a voice for Oswald for the record, he was the first person I thought of. He and Jenn play Lee and his girlfriend Judyth, and really sell it. (Check out the song “Lambs to the Slaughter” if you can find it.)

Of course, one of the books I read was JFK and the Unspeakable by James Douglass. I’d heard a lot about it but had no idea how deep of an experience it would be to read. Douglass is the only researcher that all the JFK researchers seem to agree with, and universally applaud.

The term “unspeakable” in this context is “a code-word that the late Trappist monk and author Thomas Merton applied to the eternal enemy, ‘the void,’ darkness itself, ‘systematic evil that goes beyond the imagination.’”

The new John Dissed album American University tells truth about the JFK assassination, and can be purchased for a mere $10 at the Bull Lee Records Store on Discogs. The CD is also being given away to annual subscribers of the Peter B. Collins Show here.

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