“When 9/11 happened our world changed forever. It signaled the beginning of a kind of clampdown never before seen in America — one of surveillance, rendition, torture and perpetual war. The media is silent about the true dangers we face, but rock and roll singer-songwriter John Dissed tells the story on his new album ‘Red Flag.'”

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jd_nightmares_sm“He is a middle finger in the Botoxed face of yuppie ex punks in this embarrassing era of self stroking consumer obsession and cable brainwashing.” – VEGLAM

“I enjoyed listening… a nice sound—to say nothing of the relevant lyrics.” – RUSS BAKER, AUTHOR, FAMILY OF SECRETS / FOUNDER, WHOWHATWHY.ORG

“I’ve been hungry for some fresh rock w/strong political themes and John Dissed serves it up w/great guitar work and uncompromising lyrics…” – PETER B COLLINS, TALK RADIO HOST, THE PETER B COLLINS SHOW

“Red Flag is the kind of wake-up call we’d like to think The Boss would give to the masses, if only he weren’t so shamelessly co-opted by the Democratic party himself.” – PUNK GLOBE

“All through the album, I kept thinking of Joe Strummer.” – ARMITAGE, THE PARANOID SQUIRREL ROCK SHOW

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “political awakening” is alive and well in rock & roll, thanks to Los Angeles artist John Dissed. “Red Flag” is John’s first full-length solo album – ten musical snapshots of post-9/11 America from a “deep politics” perspective.

The album’s single, “Honeypot” is a catchy, tongue-in-cheek musical portrait of an elected official being manipulated by sexual blackmail, which — thanks in large part to NSA spying — is considered to be “the most powerful industry in Washington” according to an inside source in the U.S. Senate.

Ever wonder why Congress never gets anything done?

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