If you made it to this page it’s because you most-likely already own some of my music. To show my appreciation for your interest, I have a special offer for you…

When my band Bull Lee broke up in 2009…

I had seen it coming for a little over a year and had already begun writing and recording solo acoustic songs. I’d never set out to be an acoustic “singer-songwriter”. I was quite happy co-writing with band-members and playing guitar. But when it hit me that most of my adult life had been devoted to bands that eventually broke up before we achieved anything – mostly due to band members not being lifers like me – I knew I had to make a change.

I had to own the songs, sing the songs AND be able to play them solo.

I once received some wise advice from a retired LA talent agent who had represented some pretty successful artists back in the day. The advice was to write, write, write. He said that if I didn’t have 100 songs then I should stop asking him what I should be doing, and start writing songs. I decided to record a new song a week for a year. To keep it interesting I alternated originals with covers, but I ended up with almost 30 new original songs by the end of 2008. I released them via CD Baby throughout 2009 as five EPs.

For the next 72 hours, you can get a digital download of all five acoustic EPs, plus a sixth that I recorded in 2010 called Flesh of Things, all for only $14.95!

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I’m calling it the John Dissed Acoustic Boxset. The EPs will be organized in their original track order with their unique cover art intact. This virtual box set will include all the original acoustic music that I have ever released.

John Dissed Acoustic Boxset


But just remember, this one-time only offer is only available for the next 72 hours…