John Dissed and The Discontents Cover Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”


The world probably doesn’t need yet another cover of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song,” but when my drummer Jeff asked if I’d like to record a free song in his studio, it jumped out at me. I always thought the chord progression in the chorus sounded like the Ramones, and I wanted to do something high-energy. I love the reference to assassinations, especially the line, “while we stand aside and look.”

It’s my first recording with The Discontents and I think it captures their energy perfectly, adding some urgency to the song. How long will we “stand aside and look” at a LOT of things being perpetuated upon us? Talk about “mental slavery.” All Clear? Hello!!

Like the great Stiv Bators, Marley was himself extremely prophetic.

John Dissed is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. Get a free mp3 of  his single“Honeypot” by entering your name and email address beneath the red arrow, just above and to the right!

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